Some of the products are marked as ‘Special Order Products’ and are only purchasable when price and stock availability has been confirmed with the suppliers. These are included on our website as a catalogue of items can be obtained from South Africa and all over the world. Most of these items are hard to find or unique which we would still like to give you the opportunity to buy.


If you are interested in buying an item that is marked as ‘Special order Product’, WhatsApp or Call us on 061 442 2487 or send an email to and give our team the item’s name which is found on the product page and we will confirm price and availability with the suppliers.

*All Special Order items needs to be paid for upfront. The price that is displayed on the website may differ due to exchange rates.

**Each item is sourced from different locations, and as such takes a variable amount of time. This is anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks. Our team will give you an estimate of how long the item should take to arrive at your doorstep.

***The shipping fee for these items start at R120.