Loyalty Program
How much have you spent?
TIER 1 - 10K Supporter (3% Continuous Discount)?
TIER 2 - 30K Supporter (6% Continuous Discount)?
TIER 3 - 50K Supporter (10% Continuous Discount)?

Once you have reached a total spend of R10 000 or more in our store or on our online store, you will get a “3% off everything” coupon code that you can continuously use. This 3% will eventually turn into 10% the more you spend.

If you believe that you have reached a tier or reached a new tier. Just send us a WhatsApp message or email and we will send you a coupon code. We can also check the system while you are in store.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

**Only valid for purchases from 01/02/2019.

***Coupons discounts will not be backdated on previous orders. It remains the clients responsibility to track these coupons and notify us when you think you are in the next tear.