Below you will find a list of all our OceanMax products that you can buy online from our Pet Shop and have it delivered to your door. You can also purchase it from our Aquarium Store in Bloemfontein – South Africa. We courier countrywide to any location in South Africa. We further have a wide range of Livestock including shrimp, fish and snails. McMerwe also has Aquarium plants, Aquatic Equipment (filters, tools, pumps, lights, nets etc.) And lastly, McMerwe has other products (fish food, leaves, substrate, etc).

About OceanMax: OceanMax Aquarium Co,. Ltd. has many years of experience on manufacturing aquarium accessories, which has been established in 2005. We have a high reputation in the international market by its product’s superior quality and reasonable price. Our company has been mainly exporting goods to countries around the world including Europe, Australia, South America, North America and Asia.

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